February 2019

Meeting of the Annie Porter Ainsworth Memorial Library

February 28, 2019 at 6:00 pm


1. Call to Order/Roll Call          Greetings        

Allard, Godfrey, Haskins, Horth, Robbins in attendance. Meeting called to order at 6:03pm

2. Approval of Agenda             Official Action           

Motion to approve by Haskins, seconded by Worden, unanimously approved.

3. Approval of Minutes: January 15, 2018         Official Action           

Motion to approve by Worden, seconded Haskins, unanimously approved.

4. Reports                                                               

a. Director’s Report          Report            

Discussion on adding an Educator Card to increase the number of items that can be either checked out or held on a single library card by parents who home-school their children. Motion by Horth to issue Educator cards with a limit of 40 checked out books and 20 holds. Second by Allard. Approved unanimously. Worden to update circulation policy to reflect this change for approval at the March board meeting. Received our county funding of 4,425.88. Jessica shared a draft of the signage related to the Patron Behavior Policy. She will place them throughout the library. See Director’s Report for additional details.

b. Finance Report            Official Action

Motion to approve payment of bills by Allard, seconded by Worden. Unanimously approved.

5. Period for Public Expression         (Time limit reserved 15 min.)

The Board of Trustees has set aside up to 15 minutes as an opportunity for the public to address the Board regarding agenda and non-agenda items.  This shall be the only opportunity for public comment or questions.    

No public expression.

6. Correspondence & Communications      

Allard will send a letter to Senator Ritchie thanking her for her advocacy on the part of libraries and the special state funding of $146,500 for local libraries.                                         

7. Old Business

a. Outstanding Actionable Items         Discussion     

Link to Action Plan

b. School Ballot            Discussion

Changes to the brochure to be completed by Monday. Brochures will be sent to NCLS for printing, sent back to us for folding, and then sent back to NCLS for mailing. Discussion about printing in color. Motion by Allard to print in color, seconded by Haskins, unanimously approved. Worden to send a copy of the last school ballot presentation to update for the April Information Sessions. Allard will draft a letter for Jim to send to Oswego County Weeklies to publicize the information sessions.

c. CIPA Policy          Official Action

The board reviewed the sample policy provided by NCLS. The board made various changes to the sample policy. A motion to hold a public hearing on the revised policy prior to the next board meeting with the intention of approving the policy at the next board meeting by Allard, seconded Worden, unanimously approved.

d. Time Off Policy     Official Action

Discussion tabled to Executive Session.

8. New Business

a. Annual Report      Official Action

Motion to approve by Worden, second by Haskins, unanimously approved.b.

b. Conference/Workshop Approval          Official Action

i. Jessica Godfrey & Celicia Robbins – Mental Health First Aid, Wednesday, February 20th, NCLS

ii. Jessica Godfrey – Circulation and Cataloging Committee
Meeting, Thursday, February 28th, NCLS

iii. Celicia Robbins & Sherry Webb – Universe of Stories:
Summer Reading @ Your Library, Thursday, March 7th, NCLS

iv.Jessica Godfrey – JAB Meeting, Thursday, March 14th, NCLS

After discussion the board determined that conferences do not need to be approved by the Board but can be approved by the Director so long as the budget allows.

9. Next Meeting Date          Discussion

Monday, March 18 subsequent to the public hearing on our CIPA policy.

10. Executive Session

Motion by Allard, seconded by Haskins, unanimously approved. Board went into Executive Session at 7:38pm. Board exited Executive Session at 8:08 pm on a motion by Allard, seconded by Haskins, unanimously approved.

11. Adjournment          Official Action          

Motion to adjourn by Worden, seconded by Haskins, unanimously approved.