June 2019

Meeting of the Annie Porter Ainsworth Memorial Library

June 10, 2019 at 5:00 pm

1. Call to Order/Roll Call                                         Greetings

Meeting called to order at 5:05. Allard, Godfrey Haskins, Horth & Worden present. C Robbins (public) present. 

2. Approval of Agenda                                             Official Action

Motion to approve by Worden, seconded Haskins, approved unanimously.     

3. Approval of Minutes: May 13, 2019                     Official Action

Motion to approve by Haskins, seconded Worden, approved unanimously.                

4. Reports                                                               

a) Director’s Report                                         Report                                 

b) Finance Report                                           Official Action

Motion to approve scheduled and unscheduled bills by Allard, seconded by Worden, unanimously approved. Motion to replenish petty cash by Worden, seconded by Haskins, unanimously approved.

5. Period for Public Expression                                (Time limit reserved 15 min.)

The Board of Trustees has set aside up to 15 minutes as an opportunity for the public to address the Board regarding agenda and non-agenda items.  This shall be the only opportunity for public comment or questions.    

6. Correspondence & Communications                                                    

7. Old Busines

a) Outstanding Actionable Items                       Discussion                

b) School Ballot                                                 Discussion

c) Capital Project

Motion to approve Mike LaSell to prepare engineering and bid documents up to $3,250 for the parking lot. Motion by Allard, seconded by Worden, unanimously approved

8. New Business

a) Board Replacement

Ads are out and we have two people who have expressed an interest but have not sent in their resumes.

b) Book Bike

Discussion about Sherry Webb bringing book bike to Lacona Farmer’s market on July 25. Motion to approve and hire a sub by Horth, seconded by Haskins, unanimously approved.

c) Celicia presented a draft flyer for Small Business Saturdays. Board discussion about the concept. Suggestions were given to Celicia about topics. Planning will continue.

d) Motion to approve Director to give one report for the period beginning today until the September meeting. Discussion on having abbreviated meetings in July & August to pay the bills and monitor capital project.

9. Next Meeting Date                                                  Discussion

Monday, July 8, 5:00 pm.

10. Executive Session

No executive session.

11. Adjournment                                                         Official Action      

Motion to adjourn by Allard. Seconded by Worden. Unanimously approved.