July 2019

Meeting of the Annie Porter Ainsworth Memorial Library

July 25, 2019 at 5:00 pm

Call to Order/Roll Call                                                        Greetings        

1. Called to order at 5:10 pm.

2. Approval of Agenda                                                       Official Action           

    Motion by Haskins, seconded by Worden, unanimously approved.     

3. Approval of Minutes: June 10, 2019                              Official Action           

    Motion by Haskins, seconded by Worden, unanimously approved.

4. Reports                                                               

    a. Finance Report                                                          Official Action

    Motion to approve unscheduled bills by Allard, seconded by Worden, unanimously approved.

5. Period for Public Expression                              (Time limit reserved 15 min.)

The Board of Trustees has set aside up to 15 minutes as an opportunity for the public to address the Board regarding agenda and non-agenda items.  This shall be the only opportunity for public comment or questions.    

6. Correspondence & Communications     

    Send thank you letter to Rick Lasell for fixing the outdoor cameras.      

7. Old Business

    a. Outstanding Actionable Items                                     Discussion                  

    b. Capital Project

    Motion to approve the expenditure of $1,625 to Mike Lasell to coordinate the bids and the work on the new parking lot. Such expenditure will be reimbursed through the SAM grant.

    c. Windows 10 Upgrade

    d. Sexual Harassment Training

    OELS is offering online Sexual Harassment Training. Staff will be offered the opportunity to come in and complete the training and be paid for their time or complete it independently at home     for which they will not be paid.

    e. Board Replacement – two letters of interest received to be discussed in Executive Session.

8. New Business

     a. Security Issues – In late June there was an incident involving bb-guns shooting out 2 windows, removal of a railing and other damage. Police were called, they filed a report, no suspect has been identified. In early July glass was found all over the driveway. The cameras identified two suspects. The suspects were asked about the incident when they came into the library that same day. The police were not called as there was no damage the library or library property. Last week Trustee Horth observed the same suspects hanging out on the front steps. After discussion it was decided that a police report would be filed in the interest of speaking to the suspects to avoid further incidents. Because the suspects were using the outside outlets after discussion motion by Haskins, seconded by Worden and unanimously approved to purchase locking covers for all the outside outlets.

9. Next Meeting Date                                                         Discussion

    Next meeting set for Monday, September 9, 2019.

10. Executive Session

      Motion to enter Executive Session and invite Godfrey to remain as a guest by Allard, seconded by Haskins, unanimously approved. Motion to exit Executive Session by Haskins, seconded by Worden unanimously approved.                                                                                                 

11. Board Member      

      Motion for Horth to interview 2 potential candidates by Horth, seconded by Worden, unanimously approved.

12. Adjournment                                                                Official Action 

      Motion by Worden, seconded by Haskins, unanimously approved.